I am trying to learn Canon Rock (the funtwo version) and im almost through but im stuck on the part about 3:40 into the song where he goes into a massive sweep picking solo. I have been playing for just short of two years and so far nothing ive learned actually required a pick, so i havent bother to learn to use one.

Anyone have any tips to help me learn to use a pick quickly?
There are several good videos on youtube showing different ways to hold the pick, and different techniques of using it. How you have played for 2 years or learned the majority of canon rock without a pick I have no idea. I guess you have some hard ass fingers by now
Well, i can actually mold the calluses on my fingers and thumb lol. I guess im just very determined, but at the same time dumb for not learning the pick sooner
If you could do that very 1st sweep before that nicely, I don't think the behind one should be a problem.

Well as for pick holding, I don't really believe in a 'proper' and standard kinda thing... As long as it feels good in between your fingers, it is correct I guess. >.>

Flashback* : Damn, Canon Rock was the song that made me start guitar in the first place! Great song!
Hey dude, I wouldn't recomend learning to pick with sweep picking- its one of the hardest things you can do with a pick!

Tell me you'll learn other picking tunes first?!

I'm just thinking how difficult it will be for you, and trying to make it easier.
search youtube for a video on pick mechanics by Paul Gilbert. IMHO when it comes to picking, Paul knows his ****
You've learnt Canon Rock using your fingers?
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You can't just pick up a plectrum and expect to be able to play anything on Canon Rock very well. In fact, it's a whole new technique for you, and it has to be developed over a long period of time. Alternate Picking, Economy Picking, Tremolo Picking, String Skipping, Sweeping... It all takes a long time to develope. You really have to start using plectrums though.
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You are badass for doing the rest of canon rock fingerpicking.

but as for that, do it without the pick.

Classical songs have sweeps, so why not :P.
ya if i were you i would learn other techniques first picking up a pick for the first time and tryin to sweep is like pickin up a basketball for the first time and tryin to dribble between your legs lol
pick up the bass as well! You'd probably be a great bassist with fingers like that hahaha
The part at 3:40, can't be picked.

Well it can...But you have to have some sort of a speed hack to do that.

You need to learn proper sweep picking with a pick.

There's a few lessons around on Ultimate Guitar.

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