This might be a dumb question, but how do I export the songs I make in reaper onto my hard drive so I can convert them to MP3 and upload them to UG?

I've tried everything I know and it keeps giving me this consolidate crap which I cant convert or even find on my hard drive.

Help me out guys.
File / Render / Output file : desktop ... Output format : Mp3

Render master mix.. or multitracks

Save live output to disk, Name it. then let it play till the end.

It will record till you hit stop, so wait till it's finished
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I'll try that, thanks.

EDIT: I managed to find a WAV converter and converte the song, but it is a pain to get the songs out of reaper, but worth it.

Heres the end product that yall so kindly helped me get out.

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1. Download lame_enc
2. Put lame_enc in the REAPER folder
3. Start reaper and load your song
4. File -> Render
5. Choose MP3 and 128kbit/s
6. Click Render, then wait till it's finished
7. It's ready to be exported on ug
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