Hi, I'm a big fan of the band Queen. I love all their studio work, but my favorite part about them are their live albums. Out of the 5 official live albums: Live Killers, Live Magic, Live at Wembley, Queen on Fire: Live at the Bowl, and Rock Montreal, which one is your favorite and why? My favorite is Rock Montreal because of the great song selection. Freddie Mercury's vocals were excellent and the way the whole concert was engineered was perfect. I hope Queen decides to release some more live albums, hopefully from their early years.
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Wembley is great! Queen really knew how to entertain an audience with all of their live albums. The energy of each of their performances, from both the 70s and 80s, were all fantastic. I hope they release more in the future
Queen live at the Bowl if you want to hear freddies voice in his prime. Wembley is a very awesome performance but i dont think his voice is as good as it could of been. Live killers is also a great album
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