First of all the Strat:

It's a basic Mex strat in white, but it has been relic'd. Pictures tell a thousand words so...


If you want to know anything else, just send me a message.


I also have a Boss MT-2 for sale. Can upload pics if wanted.


I also have a Medium PRS T-Shirt. Brand new in it's pack



And a strap, again brand new



All prices do not include P+P, but I'm happy to get prices, or for you to collect from me in Staffs.

might buy the strat in a few weeks when i move to staffs.. i'll keep you posted !
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Keep me posted on that as I'm going back to uni (herts) in a few weeks, but should be coming home for work quite often
Although I'm not a huge fan of your relic job, I need a few more strats for pickup demos at guitar shows. If you are interested in trading the guitar for a couple sets of pickups from my website www.rockmonkeyguitars.com then let me know. I've also get a weber mass attenuator, boss cs3, and digitech rp300 that I'm looking to unload so if you have any combination of thing you are after let me know.
Not taking any online orders.