Hi all

To start off, i'm decent at guitar and I have a slight grasp of theory, so if there is any theory involved that's not waaaay out there in complexity, I should be able to understand it.

I find it very easy to make an interesting section of guitar.
Now my problem is that I don't know where to go from there. Everything I try to put before and/or after a section I'd written comes out sounding choppy.

Now it may be that I have no sense of transition or that the two sections just can't link together.

Is there any sort of theory or something that can help me build on top of what I've started? Maybe a writing structure or commonly seen pattern in songs. For example: (I like to play hardcore) there would be chugging followed by a three strum chug kind of thing with hammer ons and pull offs in between.

Thanks in advance :]
Pick a key and work within in it...if you've got a few disparate bits in different keys mess around with transposing them until everything fits in the same key.
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Thanks for the reply steven seagull,

So does that mean that if I stay in the same key, everything should fit?
There's no tricky conflict between different types of melody that make it unfitting?