Can sweep picking be practiced on acoustic guitar properly?

I'm just curious. If you can, I'd love to see a video.
of course it can be done. I find it a bit harder and easier at the same time. What I find harder is the action of most acoustics is a bit high to smoothley sweep across the fret board. This is not true for my T5 though

what I find easier about it on acoustics is the lack of sustain. I find that when I try sweeps on an electric with some overdrive/distorion on it that some of the notes I hit I leave ringing which takes away from the clarity and smoothness that sweep picking is supposed to be. Its most deffinitely a flaw of my own that I need to work on, but that explains one reason I find it easier to sound good while doing sweeps on an acoustic.

here's a quick 10 second video


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Just more difficult, not impossible.

Then there are the people like me who can't sweep pick, nor have any motivation to learn considering the genres I play don't really require it....
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