Em9 or Fmaj7.


EDIT: Or is that the F# ?
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My favorite chord is the POWER CHORD, because strumming it makes me feel like a God of Power high on my throne atop Mount Olympus!
Goodness gracious me!
The brown note
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A note =D
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i got my guitar caught in my ceiling fan today

guitars fine though
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F major 7th.

I could make a whole (very bad) song out of that.

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Em9 or Fmaj7.


Yes, I use a Squier bass.

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- Looking to improve this somewhat.
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Sunn O))):
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Chord: Asus2...but really, I love any sus2 chord.

Favorite note: C# (on the A string of guitar) or F# (E string)
The power chord when tuned just right. On the tone my amp's set to atm it sounds so sweet in G and A.
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C6 I believe. It can be jazzy, bluesy, beachy, anything to fit any mood
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also forgot F#m7
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i got my guitar caught in my ceiling fan today

guitars fine though
i like...the...C..chord?
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