I bought a guitar last year, and I have been noticing that the frets are beginning to become worn, I am not sure how worn is enough to require a fret redressing, but some are becoming to look a bit flat-ish and loosing there round dome shape. Do any of you guys have worn frets on any of your guitars? How long was it until you have redressed it or refreted it?
On my old strat neck I had to get the frets dressed about every 6 - 8 months. Although, I replaced that neck with a neck with dunlop frets and it has been a year and they show very little wear. It just depends on how much you play, how you play, and the fret material, etc.
How is much is it to have that done?
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what sort of guitar do you have?

my oldest guitar is a mia fender strat, i've had it 20 years. it's has a fair amount of use, although the frets have shown signs of wear for several years now it's still very playable. i would not dream of having it refretted, it just would not be the same guitar any more.
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