ill be putting up a tab of slow dancing in a burning room from where the light is sometime soon. probably mid october-ish or a bit sooner. it's highly accurate and better than any of the tabs for the song so far, tabbed exactly the way john plays. it contains everything from the song including the extended live solo, im still workin on it though.

expect it.

any suggestions for the tab, or if you're already workin on it. lemme know.

for those of you who don't know john mayer, you're seriously missin out.
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john mayor is the tits!
"You Laugh at me for Being Different. I laugh at you for all Being the Same."

Girls I want to Intercourse
Jessica Alba
Girlicious (each of them)
Betty White
uhhh im assuming thats a good thing, so **** yea i agree.

he's my mofuggin idol.