I need help at my local pawnshop and this guitar caught my eye it was a dean vendetta with lile an see through blue finish and tribal inlay all down the neck. The inlay looks like that of the ESP Ax-260 i cant get pics of it any help would be good.

EDIT: they updated the esp ax-260 it no longer has the tribal inlay. But the schecter tribal devil has similar inlays.
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Must be an older Vendetta 4. I remember they had those inlays.

Look at the guitar's neck joint and determine which model it is:
Bolt on neck + plain top = Vendetta 1
Bolt on + Flame maple top = 2
Neck through + plain top = 3
Neck through + flame maple top = 4


This it?
That is it but it had gold hardware and it said vedetta on the truss rod cover

Is 200$ a good price for one? It was pretty good condition neck was straight some minor cosmetic flaws but nothing major
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