Hi ...

I have been traying hard to increase my legato speed for a while now ....
and whatever I Do ...it just never seems to improve ...so i decided to analyse my technique ....I noticed that when I play I always have my thumb resting over the top of the neck ....like in this video


now i noticed that a lot of players ....have their thumb resting behind the neck when they play ....in fact ...MOST players who use a lot of legato ...have their thumb resting on the back of the neck like Sach in this video


So I guess my question is which is a better technique ? ...
Will resting the thumb on the back of the neck give me any advantages ?
I have tried to play by resting my thumb on the back of the neck ...but it just feels really uncomfortable ...and my palms start aching really really fast
Yes, thumb on the back of the neck is best.

Its to do with the angle of your wrist, with the thumb at the back of the neck your wrist and hand aren't in such a twisted position and your fingers are more able to reach the strings.

Also, don't grip the neck so hard- that might be why your palm aches. Fretting notes doesn't require that much pressure.

Overall the "classical position", with your thumb behind the neck, is healthier for your hand and gives you a greater stretch. The only exception is bending and vibrato, where you use the other position for leverage.
Thumb over the neck is a great way to hurt yourself/develop something, and although it might take some getting used to, you'll probably do better in the long run.
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You have to varie between the two, but primarly have the thumb behind the neck, which is the proper and healthier way.
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