hey what would be your dream guitar to own? and why do u really want this guitar? im talking a guitar that draws u in yea and way out of your budget.
silvertone amp in case 2 pickup model.

so crappy, but so awesome
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for me its that normal gibson sg guitar thats around 900 pound mark, i saw one at the music shop ages ago and cant stop thinking about it lol the highest iv spent on a guitar was my ibanez rg350ex which was 300 ish to buy.

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If you have never seen such a beautiful tribute to the Legend of Zelda, **** you.

i played the crap out of Ocarina of Time, but that thing is ugly

my dream guitar is custom. a strat body for comfort, a raw neck for great feel, 3L & 3R tuners on the headstock, humbucker in the bridge for chunky distortion, and a single in the middle or neck positions for cleans. preferably a p90.

just wait until i finish my warmoth guitar hint hint.
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that quote is a lie!!

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and this is my dream g33tar!

its like sex....with 6 six strings!!

(i have no idea what that means)

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It's a Gretsch White Falcon. In red. So it'd actually be a Scarlet Falcon, and it would have a Gibson Dirty Fingers in the bridge, regular Filtertron in the neck, plus some sexy custom falcon graphics on the pickguard.
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that quote is a lie!!

*waits for "the cake is a lie" *

its like sex....with 6 six strings!!

(i have no idea what that means)



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I just love PRS Custom 24's.
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I got my dream guitar already .

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Although they are in my budget, I'm far from a guitar level to consider myself worthy of buying one of these :P
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Acrylic body'd, 7-string LP with ebony fretbooard and single emg bridge pickup =D
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This is my dream guitar. Fortunately for me, it's sitting right behind me at this very moment.

But on another note, I do have two other guitars that I wouldn't mind having.

Amfisound Railo Arcticia:

Gibson ES-359:

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vintage gibson SG with humbucker in the bridge and a P90 in the neck
a jazzmaster with a black stained finish and the vintage metal pickguard.

i think that would cover all the tones I would need

OH and an ES-335. no mods or anything just make it look pretty.
Just like all the other threads like this one I'm gonna say:

I still got to make it.

... I have the wood, just need the hardware... then a build thread will come along... muahahahahahaha
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Mine would be a 1954 Gibson Les Paul, original single piece wraparound bridge and two P-90 pickups. Considering the price onf one of them though, I'll never buy one. I've gotten to play two and they were incredible. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all eh?

I really want a Gibson SG Goddess in Sky Burst too, they look so great - but I know the neck doesn't suit me at all. I'm contemplating making a copy of one from Warmoth.
Similarly, a Kramer Jersey Star - but the neck and the Floyd bridge don't suit me, so I'm thinking of making a Warmoth version of that too.

In fact I've actually got about seven Warmoth build plans in the works because all of my ''dream'' production guitars don't quite suit me, there's a lot of guitars that I love the look of and sound great to me but they very often don't have necks I like or they have things like Floyds, active boosts, 24 frets, third pickups or other stuff I don't like.

The only dream guitar of mine that I can't get via Warmoth but I might get by other means; I really like Fender American Deluxe HSS Strats in terms of their tone and many of their features, but I mostly play rhythm and I feel odd doing so on double cut body shapes - so I've started to favour Telecasters. The Fender Custom Shop does a guitar that is a hybrid: a Telecaster body and neck but with Strat electronics and bridge. WHat I'd be after is a rear-routed version of that (i.e. no pickguard), with the Tele bridge but the Strat neck and middle pickups and control layout, including the Am Deluxe S-1 switching. Warmoth could do the body routing but they'll charge a fortune for it and I can't work out how to wire up the S-1 switch. The Fender Custom Shop will make nearly any guitar for you though, starting at £1800 for basic Strats and Teles. I've asked them about my build before and they said it would be about £2400 for what I want - I'm very, very tempted to do it.
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PRS Private Stock

Original 1954 strat. The only thing I'd probably do to it is change the radius of the fretboard from 7.25" to 12". Just a preference...

1964 Cherry Red ES-335

This isn't an original, but a 1962 stratocaster in Sonic Blue. Even if I have to get it refinished for that color.
Suhr custom modern in Bengal burst. Should have it in 3 weeks
Meant to look very much like that one. Gotoh Floyd, Mahogany body, Doug Aldrich humbuckers. With that and my Tokai, I'll be set.
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ESP MH-100QM. I have no idea how it sounds, since there aren't any in my country, but damn, it looks so cool
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and this is my dream g33tar!

its like sex....with 6 six strings!!

(i have no idea what that means)

I had one of those when they were first re-issued in '74, but without the Bigsby. Complete with ultra low frets like LP originally specified in 1954, the sound was just amazing. But it was heavy as hell and my band started playing 2 x 2-hour sets a night and it had to go. Swapped it for a '61 LP/SG Custom, so not too shabby a deal.

My current lust is another that Les would have liked. A white LP with Ebony board, Gold hardware, white pup rings and a bright gold scratchplate. Hot Slag pups and some odd wiring.

Further down the line will be a special SG, possibly solid Ebony or with an Ebony cap over mahogany body. Might even do a Mahogany neck-thru with Ebony wings.

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It's by far the best guitar I've ever played.

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I hate Mark Tremonti but this guitar is sick!

+1 to that. What's with no cover on the bridge pickup? Looks strange just on the neck.
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The Zoraxe. If you have never seen such a beautiful tribute to the Legend of Zelda, **** you.

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an ESP V standard with emg 85(N) and 81(B)

and an ESP Eclipse II Snow White

I want them so bad