The song's called Gonna Be a Star.

It's pretty long, around six minutes, because of a instrumental outro that I thought was really fitting and cool.

Sooo... tell me what you think.

and If you have any questons, ask.

I C4C if you request it.

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Wow, I absolutely love this. It's like a mix between QOTSA and Foo Fighters and Weezer. Your voice is absolutely fantastic, and very fitting for the song. I love the way it's all produced, especially the octave vocals.

I don't know what else to say. I'd put a little overdrive on the guitar in the beginning parts, but that's just personal taste.

When the overdriven guitar does come in, did you doubletrack it? I feel like it would sound A LOT better if you did. Again, fantastic job, I don't know what else to say! If you wouldn't mind taking a look at another one of my recordings (I did it today), I'd be really grateful!

The beginning sounds alot like Pearl Jam guitar playing to me, and then your voice reminds me of Foo Fighters a bit and near the end was like Weezer, like the above poster said. It was a very cool song, I liked it. I do have to agree that with the above poster again that doubletracking the rythem distotion would give it some more umph. Great song, keep it up.

Check out my song, I made it today as well.
Gonna be a star.... dude the guitar and vocals sound very beatles influenced and the whole feel makes feel like im in space! did u do everything on ur own? the mood to some of the songs hit me deep man.. its not even the words its just the music Leave it be man its my favorite i like ur voice we should do a Collab man! The Experiment man damn good ****ing musician dude ur music hits in deep on me... thanks for showing this man got my respect! lol

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Thanks for the crit!

I like it! The guitar tone seems thin at first but everything fills out with the vocals, they fit the song very well, and the harmonization does too. The song has a good atmosphere to it, although I don't like some of the chords you played under the first guitar solo, they sounded like diminished chords, I think simpler chords would have fit better in context to the first guitar solo. I like the bass tone, not too boomy and just enough mids to cut through the mix. The delay at outro really adds to the mood of the song.

To be honest, I want to put this on my iPod. Good song!

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First off, let me say how impressed i am with your level of recording quality. You obviously put a lot of love into what you do, and it shows.

Now that being said, it's a little loose in spots, but that can easily be fixed with a little more rehearsing of your parts.

Your vocals fit the song marvelously. I like the octave harmonizing, it's a very nice touch and goes great with the music.

Your playing, while rudimentary, fits excellently with the song. Your lead tone needs a bit more juice--crank it by 10% in your mix and it should be much better. I love the tone of your guitars, very clear, not thin at all, and gives the song a more powerful feeling that it wouldn't have with a less-than-good tone. It's quite obvious where your influences are from, and it's evident in the song. That's not a bad thing; quite the opposite actually.

Overall, it's a great song. I like it a lot, although the outro was maybe 45 seconds too long.

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Yeah, I love what I do. :P

The looseness was probably felt during solos and the outro? All lead work is improvised.

Yeah, I'm a big fan of the octave vocals. Gives it a more mellow sound while adding dimension, I think.

And for the outro, you just gotta close your eyes and sit back, I think. You won't notice 45 more seconds. :P

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