Hey guys can you guys tell me about your influences? I'm looking to get out into the other styles a bit more ;D!
I find that my guitar playing is influenced alot by singers. it's really strange, but when I play guitar melodies, I often think "hey, that sounds like *name*'s singing style!"

so I guess my influences would be the singer from alice in chains, Tool, Björk and Alicia Keys. for rythym playing, my main influences are adam jones, Marten Hagström and Daron Malakian.
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What do you already listen to?

I can give you bands from certain genres, give me a place to start because it's pointless to throw around band names.

Hmm... I already around Metal stuff like Iron Maiden, Children Of Bodom, Hammerfall and Paul Gilbert stuff. But I want something I'm going to be less familiar with!
Try Muse, Mammal, QOTSA, Rush, Lamb of God, Protest the Hero, Kasabian & Pearl Jam.
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The Fall.
Joy Division
Talking Heads
Echo And The Bunnymen
Patti Smith
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I can give you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different stuff...like in an electronic realm or hip-hop. Or I could bore you with random indie genres.

Or are you looking for more diverse metal?

I'll just post a couple metal bands then:

Sunn O)))
Electric Wizard

edit: above me has some great choices, too
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Try Muse, Mammal, QOTSA, Rush, Lamb of God, Protest the Hero, Kasabian & Pearl Jam.

I agree with all of these, partly because I love all of them.
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I agree with all of these, partly because I love all of them.

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try Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pantera, Stratovarius, Helloween, Accept
Hmm, try Dream Theater, John Petrucci's solo album is amazing. That's Progressive Metal. Then you could try Symphony X, that's Prog Metal with Symphonic/Power/Neoclassical mixed into it. Adagio is pretty good too.

You could also take a look at bands like Dark Tranquillity, get their album The Gallery, it's quite nice. Or In Flames' Jester Race. That would be MeloDeth.

Opeth is progdeth, check out any of these albums by em: Still Life, Morning Rise, Blackwater Park. The rest of their stuff is still insanely amazing but these are the best imo.

Some Groove oriented stuff is nice too. Lamb of God's Ashes of the Wake or Machine Head's the Blackening are worth checking out.

Techdeth goes a long way too for me since its very varied. You have Necrophagist with their neoclassical mix. Anata mixing in a whole lot of counterpoint. Neuraxis and Quo Vadis adding melodic influences. And last but not least, Augury, their debut album is amazing and their sound is varied and unique.

Anyways, that's all for now. Goodluck!

EDIT: If you ever heard Meshuggah, DT and Porcupine Tree and liked em all, I'd strongly recommend a band called Animals as Leaders.
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Since people seem to be throwing around random bands, I'll give some that a metal fan could appreciate.

Sonic Youth
Dinosaur Jr.
The Strokes
Massive Attack
A Tribe Called Quest
Boards of Canada

Thats mighty fine taste in music you've got there.
Aeon Spoke
Broken Social Scene
The Velvet Underground
Patti Smith
Iron and Wine
Weather Report
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Allan Holdsworth
The Qemists
Pink Floyd
Coheed and Cambria
Duchess Says
Sonic Youth
Animal Collective
Vampire Weekend
The Horrors
Mystery Jets
King Crimson
The Beatles
The Cure

Off the top of my head

EDIT: Some more...

Kimya Dawson
Tegan and Sara
The Prodigy
Pop Will Eat Itself
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Lets just throw some completely random stuff out there then:





Not sure you'll like all of this, but it's certainly different
I'm not completely sure what you're even trying to find inspiration for, but meh, here's some interesting artists worth taking a peek at:

Aesop Rock (alt. hiphop)
Spawn of Possession (clasically influenced tech.death)
65daysofstatic (post rock)
Cap'n Jazz (early emo/ indie)
Praxis (Experimental/ Jam/ Avant-Garde Band)