Hey there.. I am a newb when it comes to sound and setup. I currently bought a G Force, Voodoo Lab Ground Contol Pro and GCX Audio Switcher. I would like to know and really need help in how to set all this up. I play thru a Splawn Nitro head that has a 3 button footswitch that splits to A/B on back of amp. Button 1-Clean/Dirty Button 2-OD1/OD2
Button 3- Solo Boost. I want to be able to eliminate my splawn footswitch and control my amp channel switching and g force from my Ground Control Pro. I also want to run a strobostomp tuner and wah in front of my amp as well.. and the G force in the effects loop (serial). I have NO idea how to set this up correctly and would really appreciate a detailed explanation and/or diagram(would really help) on how to set this all up. I thank you for your time and am grateful for your help. Cheerz


**** son this is a lot to ask here, maybe someone will spend the time.

It's a tall order on this forum, but if you post it at hugeracksinc.com forum, I'm sure someone will be willing to help you.
Had an idea how it worked.. the main problem is the a/b footswitch with my splawn head and trying to get that figured out with the gcx and gcp. Voodooo Labs actually sent me a diagram on how it all should go, but when I connected everything according to there sheet.. there was a loud enuf hum and crackle that I thought I would blow my amp.. Therefore Im back at square one. I would just like to have my Ground Control buttons 1,2,3 control my Clean/Dirty, OD1/2, and Solo Boost amp channels like the original Splawn footswitch did.
What I would do personally is this:

1.) Check out the Big Rack Amp Thread here (found in the list of banned and good threads Sticky) and the

2.) splawn forums (most of those guys gig and can probably held you out too)

good luck.....wish I could help personally. I would think with a board like yours your amp would be treated like any other amp with an FX loop. I'm sure there are some dedicated boards specific to your gear and welcome to UG!