hey guys im running a peavey valveking 100w head and playing through emg 81/85's

obviously on the gain channel i get a lot of noise and have been using an ISP decimator pedal in my line in, this helped with the guitar noise obviously but there was still lots of noise which i worked out is coming from the preamp

so yesterday i tried the decimator in the effects loop (after my eq, also guitar is now going into a bad monkey then straight into the amp)

this removed all of the noise but i feedback more (which isnt really an issue), question is since i only have the one noise gate, is there any adverse affects (tone wise) of running it in the effects loop, that is past the preamp, i couldnt really hear much yesterday but i only played for 5 minutes and there didnt seem to be any colouring with it on/off

It should be fine. I've ran mine through the FX loop and it sounded ok, but i'm holding out for the ISP G String or Pro Rack G. I recommend looking into one of them, b/c they allow you to run it through the front and loop at the same time, decimating all the noise. If you sell your current ISP, it will only be about $100 more to get the G String version. But if the preamp noise isn't that much of a problem, then don't worry about it. But it you want to get rid of all the noise, then look into the G String, or if you have the money, the Pro Rack G.

Good Luck.
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Last in the loop does seem the most logical place for it.

And before you go spending money at least spend some time with what you have and if you decide it really isn't cutting, then maybe upgrade. But as far as I'm concerned the pedal is a pretty adequate piece of equipment.
Quote by HopePoisoned
But as far as I'm concerned the pedal is a pretty adequate piece of equipment.

yeah i would like to stick with the pedal as to buy them in Australia the pedal is like $300rrp (AU) but i bought mine new from the US for $200 AU, but yeah i dont have any money atm

seems to sound ok to me as well so i guess ill leave it there, thanks guys