A new tune Ive had sittin on my computer for ages.......i guess not really new....but decided to finish it over the weekend.......hope u guys like it........its mixed a bit low....so TURN UP THE VOLUME...... ......alright hope u guys like it.......PEAC EOUT

"Our Generation"


Verse 1:
All our lives we been hypnotized,realize that we been blind.
Shedour skins and show our grins, No more hiding for your sins.
Hypocrisy's the leading game, We're here to change the winds.
Trampled on, we've been ignored,now its time to speak our minds

Pre Chorus:
No more Hate, We choose our fate.
We are the ones now you must face.
Been played , All is gone
All our fears have been realized.


We are the ones who will change,
Our fate our destiny you can't escape.
Our generation is up to the task, stop
these wars and mend the hearts.

Verse 2:
Reach our brothers in the east and
save everyone to the west.
We wont be the ones to judge,
whose soul is worth saving, who is not.

Its our time to rise and to shine
Walk the edge and to the end of time
Greet a new day and a new sunrise