Been quite busy recently with starting up a new band so this is what ive managed to cobble together this evening to get some ideas down on record. Hit a bit of a snag when my mic just stopped working halfway through recording, so ive got about half a song written

anyway just want some opinions on what ive got so far

and as always ill crit back
Pertty nice, you got some skill I'll give you that, shame that your mic died, I would of liked to hear the rest of the song. The only crit I have for you is that your tone is a bit thin, but thats a mixing issue, mabey beef it up a bit. Good job, cant wait for the rest.

Take a look at mine?
i love it! reminds me a bit of megadeth, and the harmonies really bring out the leads. when you finish it, i think a nice melodic breakdown may be just the thing to really make it shine, well done!