with your improv, might help if you started in a root, or followed the chords being played.

You were using the right scale, but the notes being played were just random, there was nothing connecting them.

For a year playing though, that was pretty good, just keep practicing. Really get to know your scales.
thanks. how would i know how to connect them? and by root you mean sort of a foundation lead?

anyone else have any more advice?
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He means dont just wank around the scale. You could make an attempt to hit chord tones, notes common the chord that your playing over, to make your lead sound like it fits with the rythmn. Learn what notes are in the chords your playing ie root 3rd 5th etc.. and try to hit those notes when your playing.
Sounds pretty good to me. Maybe a couple of odd note choices, and your timing goes off a bit at the end, but generally it sounds pretty good. Nice rhythm playing too

By root I'd guess he means the root note of the scale - you don't have to start on it, but its an easy note to get to sound good

Chord tones help too - if you aim for chord tones it helps your solo follow the rhythm line, so it fits together easier (I still suck at this btw )
Theres nothing wrong with that

I think what you need to work on is confidence in what you're playing. Aiming for chord tones might help you feel more confident, because you wont get lost so easily, and you'll have, like, a "map" of where you are.

However, I think the best thing for you to do is keep practicing- keep at it. The more you improvise, the better you will become.
Dude, put some soul into that...give your bends and vibratos more character.....
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thanks all, i'm going to just try to bust my ass staying on beat. i was mostly focusing trying to play on beat rather than to play wildly creating the illusion that i was playing with feel.

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Dude, put some soul into that...give your bends and vibratos more character.....

i'll worry about that when i can stay on beat. and by adding more character, do you mean that my bends were off key?