I can't seem to find any good songs to learn in my skill level. They are either too easy,simple or hard so I was wondering if you guys could help. I think I'm kinda an advanced beginner and have played for 3 years but off and on. I like learning stuff with multiple parts to it so I don't want any ACDC stuff like Dirt Deeds cause it gets boring quick. I'm just stuck in a rut right now.
The songs I have already learned are

You Shook me all Night Long ACDC - with solo
Most of Shoot to Thrill - ACDC without solo
Diary of a Mad Man - Ozzy without solo (I can play the solo but not up to speed)
Hallowed be thy Name - Iron Maiden without solo
Paschendale - Iron Maiden without solo
The Ripper - Judas Priest

Thanks for your help