I'm still on my quest to find a good amp. I play mainly classic rock (AC/DC, Zeppelin, Queen, etc). I was wondering, would an Orange Rocker 30 be good for that catagory? I've heard it has good cleans and a pretty good distortion. Could I get a good Angus Young sound? I plan to gig small to medium sizes. And I don't have a budget, I will save up. I have also looked some different amps, like JCM 800s.

Oh, and is the head or the combo better?

EDIT: I searched for clips and it is a pretty good sounding amp. But jeez, the price! I looked at a Tiny Terror and it wasn't bad, cheaper too.
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haven't tried the combo, only the head, and from my interpretation of your discription of what you're going for, i'd say it'd be a good fit. have you searched for clips yet?
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how about saving up a little extra for the AD30 instead? the Rocker is a more "modern" rock sound, whereas the AD will mostly nail the "vintage" tones pretty accurately.

EDIT: i totally misunderstood what you just wrote, and retract my previous statement (hence, this edit).
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