I have been looking for a guitar to jam around on at home and maybe play some gigs with. This thing looks cheap and has some cool features (its the squier one).

it lists for like 379$.
Any thoughts?
any pictures?

EDIT: it looks alright. man, one of the fender versions has a headstock that looks like crap

heres the fender one:

sorry for the huge pic
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It doesn't have a tone knob either. they are both for volume which is pretty cool. and i like how the the toggle is at the top like an lp.
for 379$? I would.
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the john 5 teles are preety much unknown to UG i think.. buy one and you tell us TS
its a good guitar and overall I can't complain. I really enjoy jamming on it

If I bought one, I would probably change the pups and some of the hardware, but yet again I have "problems"
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