What do you guys think of this song I wrote a while back i recorded it all myself, even the drums and such i know its kinda rough but lemme know what you think.
I will crit yours if requested cheers!


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The quality and overall length of the song are the only real issues I have, besides that its not bad at all I like the clean intro, and the electric palm muting on top of it, but when the drums come in it sounded like you missed a few beats here and there and the guitars sound like there is just too much noise because of how its mixed not too bad though.

Goodness gracious me!
diggin the clean intro man. the dist. guitar comes in a little too overpowering though. the drums arent terrible but could be a little more steady. definitely could have been longer. but the intro was definitely badass

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whoa...i rly liked the intro. i could see what u wer goin for in the heavy part. and it wouldve been rly cool but it sounded too distorted. i liked the tone but i think it needed to be mixed differently or sumthing. but god its rly good. keep it up man
I like the intro, but the lead guitar sounds slightly off time in some parts; no big deal though. The drums sound alright minus a few missed beats. The song ends very abruptly, you should add some structure and vocals to it.

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Thx for your crit on Meat.
Well, it sounds like a good rough try for a track. I like the harmony and the contrast between the clean beginning and when it becmes trashier. Think that you should actually make a real track with it.
I like the structure of the song and where you were going with it, but I don't like the way it was recorded. The guitars are way too loud, and they overpower the drums a lot. When you record guitars, play it once and pan it left, and then do it again and pan it right. It will sound a lot better that way!

I like the song itself though, it could definitely go somewhere!
i really like it. its needs to be longer and the drums are kinda quiet. but when you fix the mix and add more too it. the song should be pretty good.

thanks for criting mine
the intro man... its a soothing one.... like charmful hugs embracing you quickly you find yourself being thrown blisfully into the ground and that song is playing in the back of ur mind just u get in a fight and u feel the mood of the air changing and the theme music in your head.... well this song is one of those i like it man... u should turn it into a full song msg me when u do if u need help with vocals....

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