Poll: Is washburn a good bass brand?
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15 68%
7 32%
Voters: 22.
Personally I don't like them too much, but this is really an opinion kind of thing. Too each his own
fine basses.

any model you looking at?
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Good bang for your buck, but not for everyone...
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I've never had a Washburn bass, but my WR150 has shown amazing durability over the years
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I owned a Washburn Force 5 for 2-3 months, and it was a very solid bass for the price I paid(I bought a 2008 model for $250(with a hard case D: ), and it sells for about $600 new). I ultimately sold it as an individual offered $500 for it. The only problem I really had with it was the fact that the pickups weren't what I expected for a bass of that price. You would be better off with an Ibanez at that price, methinks.
i bought a xb400 for au$225 and i love it!

when i was trying amps out in the shop i didnt have it with me and tried a roughly $1000 fender p i think it was, and i didnt like it i know personal choice.

i like mine
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I've never had a Washburn bass, but my WR150 has shown amazing durability over the years

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Washburn WR-150

Oh well, whatever.

I think as long as you don't get one of those cheap-o Lyon models it should be fine but different people like different basses so as usual you should try what you want to get before you buy it.
they're aight but you would probably be better off with a different brand
Though I've never tried one, I've heard good things about them.
Best bet would be to try them out, then make your own judgement.