First off your layout kicks ass.
Second your music kicks some serious ass.
that intro to This City Is Burning reminded me of taking back sunday.
god seriously man you need some vocals though cuz this is some epic **** right here. dude i swear i have heard this guitar line before though. have i crit'd some of your other stuff before or is it a cover or something? good stuff either way man

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I like 'This City is Burning', though I think the drums sound too choppy; they could use some 8th or 16th notes to parallel the smooth changes of the guitar melody, just a suggestion. The melody is really good, but this song is SCREAMING for lyrics and vocals dude. Good song overall.

You got some good stuff going.

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first off- awesome layout. and second, did your setup change? the songs progressed a lot since the last time I heard it.