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Tell them the truth and say it's bad or it need improvement.
17 30%
Lie and say it's great, possibly giving them false hope.
8 14%
Avoid answering or say it's okay.
20 35%
12 21%
Voters: 57.
Someone has spent their whole life making a song and it means the world to them. They let you listen to it and it's really quite bad (white noise).

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I would reign down upon their lives, making them spiral into a deep depression.
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I'd say it's good, but offer up a few suggestions. And when you say "quite bad", that's really in the eye of the beholder. So to them, it could be perfect.
I would lie. Seriously, I hate confrontation and wouldn't want to hurt their feelings. Worst case scenario, everyone else hates it and I can say people's music tastes are different.

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Okay lets say it's white noise. I know someone is going to be into that though...

Then they wouldn't really be pourng their soul into it though.

Alternatively, I would say it's alright but not really my kind of music. That's a no-fail answer.
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I wouldn't just flat out say it sucks. I'd just say that, in my personal opinion, that it isn't my coup of tea. My opinion shouldn't bring them down though, since there are a million other people in the world that might actually enjoy it.
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It could be one of those "i doser" things that make you high.
I'd lie.

Their happiness in their lifes work is more important than my self-righteous truth telling
My God, it's full of stars!
Honest opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.
But ONLY if they asked for it. Else, nothing need be said.
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I wouldn't lie about it but I wouldn't be an ass about it either and be like "ololololol suck a chode your song sucks dick"
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It's up to the person. If the person asking is a person who really wants an honest opinion then be honest, but not blunt. If it's someone who just wants you to tell him good things, say it's pretty good, and give him some pointers. If it's a dickhead, tell him to play that **** near terrorists, because they're the only ****ers who deserve that ****.
Depends on the genre, I suppose. I can tolerate bad indie music much more easily then bad metalcore.
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I'd lie.

Their happiness in their lifes work is more important than my self-righteous truth telling

I like this answer better.
For me, it would depend largely on my relationship with them. If I was good friends with the person, I would be more likely to tell them the truth if I think they'd be able to take it and offer suggestions of what I think would make it better. Otherwise, I would still probably say I dislike it but not really go any further than that.

Though I guess, you've got to consider that lots of people have different tastes, I doubt there is a universal list of what makes a bad song. For example there are some songs which I may think are terrible but other people may absolutely adore it and I wouldn't have much of a problem with that.