I've always thought Dallas Green was great, and not from a perspective of "wow, he's so great because he fits into the scene and some of his songs are depressing." I really believe he's one of the most talented people in the mainstream at the moment, and today a friend was calling him "gay" just because they play him on the radio. He also called him a "scene bitch". While i'm totally against scene kids, I wouldn't call him a bitch.


What are your thoughts?
I love him. Without a doubt think he's EXTREMELY talented.
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touche sir.
He's alright, I'm not much of a fan though. I got nothing against his music though.
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what are you getting at?...

He's spamming.
I wouldn't call Green scene. I wouldn't even call Alexisonfire scene really. Not anymore at least.

He's actually a great singer. I haven't paid a lot of attention to his lyrics and guitar work though, so I'm no expert.
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why haven't they banned his ip address yet. and if he's using a proxy, well shit.

defiantly a legite reason to be banned.
....i thought this was about the former NY Mets manager
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he is very talented u know he is in alexisonfire as well right
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Dallas Green (and by extension, Alexisonfire) is awesome. Tell your friend to go listen to Kanye West or something.
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on his own, he is also Farrrrr from scene
he may not the the best around, but he is defiantly not without talent
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One of my favorite artists, but, this doesn't belong here. The Bands and Artists forum is more appropriate.

My God, it's full of stars!