i am about to put on my 5th high e string in a month and a half, and im wondering why it keeps breaking

it is breaking at the tuner; if it was at the saddle or the nut or the string tree, i would understand and could try and fix it.

but breaking at the tuner?? what would cause this?

i think they all broke as i was tuning the string up to pitch.

i use super light gauge (9-42) d'ardio strings, and i use half step down tuning. i use the locking method of winding the strings, and this is the only thing i can think of that might somehow be causing the string to break.

i think the tuners themselves are just basic 16:1 generic tuners. other then this recent string breaking fiasco, they work well.

anyone have any idea of what is causing the breakage and what i can do to fix it?
what are you doing when they break?

but my guess is that there is a burr on the tuner
the most recent time, earlier today, i was tuning up to pitch.

now that i think about it, im not sure if it is actually at the tuner, or somewhere in between the tuner and string tree.

ill try and make sure its nice and smooth at the tuner just to be safe
Yea, either a burr or the holes have an angle on them instead of being smooth.

Or maybe you're just unfortunate and have had crappy strings, lol
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one thing thats bugging me is that this has never happened once until maybe 1-2 months ago.

ill just try and make sure its nice and smooth and hope for the best.
it could be binding at the string tree too, i suppose. but that would most likely cause a breakage at the tree.