hey UG check out my band Yttrium (ee-tree-um) from san diego, CA. go easy lol, we have only been a band for about 8 months or so.


listen to met you at the gates and midnight...and te he others as well lol
As i listen: diggin the bass groove on Everday. i think the vocals should be more like they are in the second part more frequently then they are the first part. cuz your vocalist has a nice voice on the more singing parts. some of the lyrics are a little disappointing but it could be worse. really likin all of the guitar riffs. the vocal part is gonna be stuck in my head. the recording quality is really impressive

crit my band? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1186499
ok...lets go song for song lol

listend to the dream. other than mix problems, it sounds really good. you werent kidding by saying its called "chill rock". i esp. like the breakdown part where is gets a little harder. vocals have potential but need to be fine tuned. great guitar harmonies. like the sound