My old band (that has since parted ways, and my guitarist and I are in the midst of reforming anew). I found a recording of a big show we did at the Trocardero Theater in philly, and I wanted to see what you guys thought of the old sound. We still play these two songs, but have since revamped them, made them sound better, and such.

We were proclaimed that night as "the iron maiden of death metal"
I think that death metal is a little too much, because my writing style is derived from alot of In Flames and stuff like that, but to each his own.

I'd gotten alot of complaints about the vocalist and drummer from our attempts at home recording. So I would always say "See us live."

Does my claim hold up?

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I can't really hear everything clearly, but your drummer seems pretty on beat for the most part; I can't make out any huge mistakes in his playing (I also don't play drums :P). Your vocalist isn't bad either, no complaints there. The guitar is very good and cleanly played, although it sounds out of tune a bit in the second song. You all seem to know what you're doing, so yes, your claim holds up.

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I think they got the "death metal" from the vocals, but i can definately see where they are coming from with the comparison to iron maiden with the riff structure in the verse of the first song and the second one come to think of it. Actually, it sounds like a mixture of Iron Maiden and something from the Gothenburg scene (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity etc) Good luck with the new band

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