So about 3 weeks ago I got my first bass and amp.

The amp is an Ashton BA20 and works fine with just my bass plugged in. However I was recently allowed to move it out of the garage and into the house ( ) but when I try and play with headphones plugged into the amp, there is complete silence. The headphones don't make a sound no matter how many times I fiddle with the dials, flick buttons etc.

Anybody know what's wrong with it or what I can do? If any other details are required then I can give them
Have you checked that the headphones work when plugged into other devices (CD player etc.)? It could be that the headphones are broken, or maybe the headphone socket on the amp is faulty. Try another pair of headphones in the amp to see if they work.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
I'm using the same headphones right now on my laptop and they work on my iPod too. I've tried another pair of headphones in the amp and no others actually fit! (They all have some little bendy bit on the end of the jack so it doesn't go far enough into the socket)
I'll have a play around with it later and see if I can raid the house for any other headphones. These ones are a little dodgy sometimes and do this thing where it decides to only play through one 'phone

Thanks anyway
Just a though, maybe you could take it to the shop you got it from and ask them to test it to make sure it's not faulty? Your amp is under warranty (all electrical goods get 12 months warranty in the UK) so if there is something wrong with the headphones socket they are obliged to replace it for you for free or at least repair the faulty jack socket.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
I've discovered it is my dodgy headphones, they work when I keep my toe on them so now I'm going to have to save up for some better ones