My band has recently finished recording its first album, and we'd like to know what you think of our songs, namely "Blow". I would like feedback mainly on the quality of the music (riffs, lyrics, melody, harmony, etc.) and anything else that is relevant. The song is on our profile. If you could also check out the other songs and crit my solo at the end of "Run Away" I'd appreciate that too! C4C, just leave me a link. Thanks!

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I'm really diggin' that tune, you guys are well put together, the song kinda had a RHCP vibe to me, the vocals were good, they were clear and your singer, sings like he knows what he's doing, he sings with a confidence, i can tell. His voice isn't shaky or anything like some other vocalists ive heard.
I've listened to a few other songs, I must say I'm really diggin your overall sound. it's quite impressive! It sounds great normally alot of songs i crit need eqing, but your guys sounds pretty good to me! keep it up sounds great!
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Nice job! I really like this, I also feel the RHCP vibe. I love the singer's voice, and I like the way the vocals were recorded. Care to share those secrets? Haha, they sound great.

I like the song a lot, I think if you re-recorded it at a pro studio or something like that, it would sound even better than it does now! Amazing job.
Like everyone else has said, this has a definite RHCP feel. I have no problems with the writing or playing, but I think the recording could have been done better. The guitars sound a bit muddy to me, the vocals seem a little overpowering, and I think that the bass doesn't necessarily have enough presence. Basically, I think if I saw you guys do this song live, I'd like it even better.
I listened to all the songs. Not a single bad one! Like EVERYONE else said "RHCP vibe" haha. So true though.

The solo work is awesome.

My favorite song is Just Like Johnny, it just screams Pavement, mostly the verses. And if you can tell by my avatar, I like Pavement. :P

Here's some criticism, I think the bass is too boomy and should be more in your face with mids. I'm a big fan of bass, though. Haha.

I'd buy this.

Listen to my new song if you have time...
Wow, I'm amazed at this, it sounds great, its written great too, very RHCP like, but different, you took the style and changed it to fit your music. The song was great, the solo work was pertty good too, but I agree with above poster that the bass was too boomy, and needs some mids. The only other problems are just mixing issues with the tone. But a professional studio will solve that for ya.
This whole world is a big illusion.. Nice atmosphere..

You sound very nice!
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"Blow" - A really great song and everything was quite perfect until the solo came in.
It was quite annoying. A simmilar solo would sure be fitting in this song but dude you really gotta work on your bends and vibrato some more.

Overall great song!
Great quality, man.
This is cool. When I saw "indie", I was scared it would be the popular definition of indie, but this is something I could see on my iPod. The solo on "Ride" doesn't have it, though. Not "feel", or it feels awkward. I like "just like johnny"'s bluesy feel, but it didn't have a cliche chord progression. Actually, the chorus reminded me of Foo Fighters.
Anyway, I like your band.
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You guys are quality, really mean that. Great riffs real catchy and good voice by the singer, think you guys will go really far. Do you guys have myspace? I listened to blow, and Ride and run away all good tunes.

your kind of a good mix between blues/indie and southern rock!

For the solo I'd probably just let it flow a bit more, the tone is great and there are some great parts, just a bit of phrasing could improve even more.

Good luck