Ok so i've been stumped on this for a while, and I can't exactly piece together how Chris Wolsenholme gets that insanely punchy, almost synth sound that i've never heard before. I know what he uses in his rig but what the hell is it that gets him that tone? Could it be his Deep Impact?

It's probably best heard in Plug in Baby and Uno.

Any help is appreciated. I'd ask the guys on TalkBass but to be honest I'm rather afraid to

EDIT: Also after doing some digging a suggestion has popped up a few times that it's an envelope filter set at long decay rate? Can anyone confirm this as i have no experience with envelope filters, or most bass pedals in general.

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Don't ask the TB guys, search it. Some of those guys have dissected his rig completely down to some weird Japanese muff clone he uses.
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i read somewhere that he insists on using strings straight out of the pack for plug in baby live, but i'm not certain.
octaver, custom setting on Deep Impact, envelope, muff, several signals.

I've gotten close (I think), with a octaver/envelope (2 position on the Digitech Bass Wah-tever). It is missing a bit of the synth distortion, but I can only do so much with two pedals, one of which not being a Deep Impact.

I forgot what position I put the knobs in though..
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