I think I made a decision I will upgrade one of my strats with EMG DG20s

I still have questions regards to this upgrade

I can't imagine where does the battery fit into a strat, I can't see any space for a battery

even if the battery fits inside how will I be able to access it when it dies ?
removing the scratchboard every time I want to replace the battery isn't the best thing to do , it would wear the threads
also from your experience how long does a standard alkaline battery last ?
The battery will last you a while. You will probably replace it about once a year at the most. As far as changing it, you have a chance to everytime you change strings (but you won't) The battery fits right into the top open pocket near your pots. Before you do this though, what type of sound are you searching for? Are you getting them only for the purpose of Gilmour? Please check out the site www.gilmourish.com, Read everything he has tested and talks about. He list every setup Gilmour has used and currently using. I to was gong to go with the DG-20 for my new build Strat. I instead put in the Fender Custom Shop 69's, with a bass plate under the Bridge pickup, Callaham Tremolo, a blend mod, and a volume mod. I am also using the new GHS Gilmour strings. (I use 10's though and if you are not use to them stay with 9's) There is another site that has sound clips of the DG-20 I will get it and post it in a few for you. And lastly, you will need a good Muff to get close to his sound.
This is the other site I was talking about. He has sound clips with different Muffs, and different pickups to get as close to Gimour's tone as possible. ( I think he nails it on some of them) Checking out both of these sites should help you. If you decide to buy one I would check the prices at Amazon.com. I saved $40 off list price there on the CS69's

He actually builds a Gilmour black strat step by step for you to see
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Metamp, I went and read your other threads and see you are just starting out. If that is the case I would leave my pickups alone right now. You mentioned getting a heavier tone and learning chords. If your looking for a different tone, try a stomp box first. You can pick up a used one around your area for under $40. The cheapest pickups will cost you (good ones) will be at least $140. Take your guitar to your local music shop and try out the pedals they have on display and find the tone your looking for. Some to try and guys give me some help on this;
Boss DS-1 - Mid distortion
Boss Metal - HEAVY HEAVY distortion
Ibanez Tube Screamer - Nice tone always
Chorus Pedal
Don't go overboard with pedals till you have alot more experience.
Check out the Boss site - www.bossus.com and look and listen to the different pedals and get close to the tone your looking for. The Boss site also has settings for their pedals to get you close to what you are looking for.
Good luck
My strat has the Fender stock pickups that are noisy and the tone isn't that good

I figured out all the components i want to upgrade my strat with except the pickups
Many people don't recommend the EMG SA (DG20) as they don't have nice tone and D. Gilmour was using them only because they're low noise

I Narrowed down my search to Seymour Duncan Antiquity (Neck and Middle) and DiMarzio virtual vintage series for the Neck

The DiMarzio is a Dual coil design and it's tone is similar to single coil with a benefit of low noise
basically I wana achieve the vintage bell like sound and no noise when playing with heavy distortion (RAT or BigMuff)

there are other hand made pickups like the Klein and Fralins
It's hard to make a decision when not hearing the sound

Any suggestions welcome
There are lots of noiseless single coils on the market these days. Lace Sensors, Fender SCN, GFS Neovin, etc. Most of these you should be able to find sound clips. The bad thing about buying pickups is you can't really try them out with your guitar you just have to do some research and hope it turns out like you want. This is why I try to buy guitars with pups I like stock, which I know isn't always possible. GFS is probably the cheapest option.
What kind of strat do you have, first off?

It would be best if you saved up your money to buy a new guitar than to upgrade a crappy one...

If you want a humbucker that bleeds, use a hotrails! Sure, they're like a $100, but you'll never need to touch that weird switch thing that clicks when you move it!
It's a 2005 American strat
I want a humbuck on the bridge position but I also want it to have some tone
I read a few reviews and every one recommends DiMarzios or Kinmans they're both noiseless and the DiMarzios actually sound fat when distorted

how would you describe the sound of HotRails ?
Very high output, great distortions, twangy cleans (which don't really matter when you play live)... It's basically a humbucker in the shape of a single coil

That's really all I can say.

You can get one for the neck as well, but I have no experience with the neck version of it. If I had to guess, it would be very thick and possibly muddy.

Then you'd need something for the middle, probably something bright... I'm not sure. I don't have much experience with single coils.
I had the EMG-GC21 SA on a MIM I sold and Just picked up another for my new Strat........It is Sweet!!!! And the battery fits perfectly by the tone pot's. You might need a file because it was snug around the trem on my Mim And even with that it's a 20 minute process to install and you can do it with the strings on.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
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