hey ive been playing lots of blues with backing tracks using pentatonic and blues scales . Now i started to play some rock stuff using rock backing tracks , but using pentatonic scale , everything still sounds like blues .
What should i do ? is there any rock scales or something ?
Please help .
Learn the major scale. Make use of the extra notes it grants you compared to the pentatonic scale. Slide instead of bending.

Here's some of the few things I do myself to sound 'less bluesy' in a rock jam.
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I would suggest that first you try to cover some rock songs. That'll give you a basic idea and feel of a rock song. Since you've been playing blues for such a long time, you obviously are used to it. Getting into feel of a rock song will change your thinking process in a solo.

Try learning major and minor scales and arpeggios and learn how to apply them. About 70% of rock is just based on these simple things.

Hope it helped.