I'm looking at getting a new guitar. This will only be my 2nd guitar, my current is an Ibanez RG20 that I've had for ages (bought it in high school and I'm 29 now so yea). After a long while of only messing around I want to get a bit more serious and I'd like something new and comfortable to play.

I'm looking at a Jackson DKMGT or a Jackson DK2T .

Now from what I can see the only difference between those guitars is the DKMG has EMG 85/81 active pickups, and the DK2 has passive Seymour Duncan (JB)TB4/(Jazz)SH2N pickups (let me know if i've missed anything else).

Am I correct in saying these are similar quality pickups only one is active and one is passive? Will the Duncans give me a little more versatility? The Duncans are going to give me a fuller tone right while the EMG's are more sterile and precise? I'd also be interested in Coil Tapping perhaps for a little more versatility and that can't be done with those EMG's correct? How big a deal is it to coil tap a guitar that doesn't have it to begin with and is it expensive / worth it?

A lot of questions I know. I do play metal / metalcore stuff but also clasic rock and well... pretty much anything, to even john mayer style stuff but I'd proabably be happier with a better metal / rock sounds and making scrifices on anything else.

I currently have a Peavey Bandit 112 (Silver stripe, the first of the transtube I think made in USA), a Vox DA5 I use with headphones when sound is a problem, and I also plan on getting a Blackstar HT5 Head with a 1x12 Cab in the not too distant future.

Help with these questions would great or suggestions. From what I've seen Schecter guitars come high recommended around here but the only way I could get one is via internet site unseen as there's no where anywhere near me that has them. I was also considering Ibanez RGT6EXFX but I'd be limited to the EMG's and the Jackson is MIJ seemed like better quality (a tad cheaper also).
I'd prefer the DK2T.

But from what I heard, the durability of the DK2T, isn't As good as the DKMGT.

The DK2T does not have much electronics, but the sounds produced, is great for Rock, and Metal.

I'd think the DKMGT will last longer [With care of course]
But the DK2T produces, and is a better guitar [Besides the durability]

My choice, DK2T.

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DKMGT = Metal. DK2T = Versatility.
EMG's can do metal really well, but that's all they can do. SD's are versatile.
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Ok I watched This series of vids as well and I'm leaning towards the Duncans. The EMG's were impressivly quiet but the Duncans were almost as good once he makes some mods with extra shielding (around 8.15 in the vidieo I linked if anyone is interested). I know the Duncan neck pickup is different in the vid also i think but I'd be using the bridge pickup for metal most of the time anyway so it seemed like a good comparison.

Any thoughts on the Coil Tapping if I do go Duncans? Worth it? Something I could ask for when I buy the guitar and they got do it for me for and extra 100 or something or more serious than that?

After watching that series of Vids. I'm leaning towards the Duncans atm. I was happy with their sound compared to the EMG's and if the offer me more versatility on other styles of of music at the same time all the better.
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I've got two guitars with EMGs and I really enjoy them, however I now prefer passive p/u's. I don't know about the Jazz p/u, but I put a JB in an old Ibanez I had and it sounded great. I know the JB is a 4 wire I'm pretty sure the jazz is too, so it should be pretty easy to set up for coil tapping. Just get a push/pull pot and follow the duncan wiring schematic.