Poll: How drunk will you be?
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I won't drink
26 68%
Just a few drinks
1 3%
Enough for a good time!
1 3%
Quite drunk indeeeeed.
0 0%
Terggf .....hhhh--as asddd tee hee hee!!!
10 26%
Voters: 38.
As it comes on the first Monday of every morning-dewed September, Labour Day represents a tradition of sharing our values of family, charity and - oh, **** it. Who am I kidding? Labour Day is a day where EVERYONE is off of work. So you know what that means. PARTY!!!

So how drunk are YOU going to be tonight?

Poll incoming (watch your head)

I am also aware this holiday is only in Bermuda, Canada and the USA. I humbly invite the rest of the world to share a drink with us for such a special occasion.
^ I think that's the second time you've beat me to first post

Anyways, I'm actually waiting for my friend to wake up so we can go to the liquor store. Tonight is going to be epic, maybe Austin here can get lucky

No I won't.
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working tonight
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I live in the UK.

I'll be working and benefiting my society.
If I had a job, I would be doing this.

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I live in the UK.

I'll be working and benefiting my society.

Aren't you cool for not having the day off.
pulling a 120+ hour shift no drinking for me but I will be so sleep deprived everyone will think I am drunk
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Personally, i think that alcohol is for drunks.
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You called a day when no-one works, Labour Day?

How ironic.
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I won't be drinking. But does anyone know if Best Buy stays open on Labor Day?
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Does Root BEER count?
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Wow, enjoy that.

I'll be in school tommorow.
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I'm going whitewater raftting.
The good times are killing me.

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it's 9:55am and I'm 2 beers in....It's gonna be a good day
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