Rock on Beaters is a Japanese band founded in 2007 by Chotaro.

Graduate and student to whom all formation (It is at 2008 that the seceding member also includes, and all members joined) members in 2007 are Akita Prefecture live (Come from Akita Prefecture excluding Nobu), are the man, and attend school a prefecture municipal junior high school.

As the content of the activity, it participates and a street live house audition podcast etc. to the kind of studio demonstration CD making (The composition is included), a live activity, and various contests.

The activity beginning is April 6, 2008-. (However, it is (Takeru,Chotaro,Nobu) to gather substantially on (Takeru,Chotaro,Nobu,Daniel) and April 13 March 30,)
As the genre, it is a policy of challenging various genres though it is basically a lock.

[Origin of band name]

When Chotaro it before forming lock on [bi-ta-zu] wants to unite Nobu and the band at that time and it thinks about the band name, it ..novel beat kids Ⅱ.. ..reading.. meets word "Beater". When lock on [bi-ta-zu] forms back and it thinks about the band name, Takeru will be told "Beater" that was as a candidate before from Nobu, and "Beaters" be used with the mail of Takeru and Chotaro. Takeru was formed from the idea of Takeru "It was not satisfactory", and at the same time, "Rock'n" was decided and formed to addition "Rock'n Beaters". Bytalk..favorite..band..Beatles..consider..thing..think..person in question..reason..ring a familiar bell..laugh..)..say.Even if Beatles is considered, thinking little consideration is better.
By the way, it thought "Beater = Beater . person (er) who struck beat (Beat)" and idea "(The )Beaters" to be "Beater" in which Chotaro met though the beater that had adhered to the pedal of the bass drum of [doramusu] of course. Beater generally has the meanings such as "Whisk (→eggbeater such as [tamago] whisks)", "Stricken apparatus", "Striker", "Jalopy", and "Beater" (Only the beater : from a English-Japanese [roguresshibu] of ..Yahoo.. dictionary inside dictionary).
Band Mis-t that Takeru had united before this band was twisted to the candidate of the band name, and father of Chotaro thought about Mis-d ([misudo]) this by the joke in the parody of the abbreviation of Mister Donut. In the one that ist was applied to Rhythmis-t (This becomes "Person who has the sense of rhythm") and rhythm by the one that ist was applied to Rhythm, Chotaro :. 「It is the same as applying er to Beat. Is this a singular?」..the comment..


Formal memberChotaro ([choutarou-] former band name Humboldt-Humboldt)(October 16, 1994-) vocal and lead/rhythm guitar. Composition of writing songs charge.
To the main vocal on November 22, 2008. It former took charge and the lead guitars are exchanged by the tune.
Nobu (knob)(October 16, 1994-) base and keyboard (composition of writing songs and trumpet) Mail is sent to Chotaro , saying that "Perhaps, do not stop it" though it was said on October 10, 2008, "It is unmotivated". The purport "The base is made a hobby, and the band is left" is reported to Chotaro on December 16 of the same year. "Motivation" and "Influence on study" are reported as a reason. [Hottsun]. ([hottsun])(April 4, 1994-)(semi-main) Because only [doramusu] (composition of writing songs (advice to Chotaro etc.))(It was a participation schedule in HOTLINE2008 by Tsubasa (saliva) name) one person floats in the hiragana (decision on July 27, 2008). It is member . To the main member on March 31, 2009 and April 1. The support member. Takeru (Take roux former band name Thi-go-[tei;go])(December 2, 1992-)It is vocal in the lead rhythm guitar self-made tune. Composition of writing songs charge. Kingpin of band (It is not "Leader. ") Chotaro on the 22nd and the part exchange in November, 2008. Moreover, it takes charge of the lead rhythm guitar Chotaro and alternating by the tune.
The demotion to the support member was officially voluntarily announced by 20 Japanese blog in March, 2009.

[Web Site]

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