So I'm trying to tab out Trixter's one in a Million, I konw probably a lot of you haven't heard of this band, but they are quite good, actually.

I know it's not your regular hit song that everyone hears, but I'm trying to learn it so I can record it for my girlfriend. I can't find any tabs though... and when I listen to the song, it all gets really confusing...

I don't know, I suck at figuring out songs on my own. So if anyone could help me tab it out, or just to give me the key it is played on. If I know the key it becomes much easier.

Thanks, in advance.
well i can get a tab for that...i think if you can get me a a "guitar pro tab" for "still unbroken" please
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Maaan thanks! that would be great, I know it's kind of a tricky song because of the harmonics and changes, but I would only need the chord progression so I cna improvise from that, thanks...

Still Unbroken from Skynyrd, right? I don'thave a gp file for that one, but I can look it up and let you know.