Hi all. I just re-registered here (neoshredder) since my email address changed and I forgot my password lol.

Anyways I play guitar and compose the majority of music of my band, and I thought this would be a great forum in which to get some feedback. In this case i've started off with a small file. It's an intro to a WIP song of ours.

See what you think, constructive critism or not!

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some of the distorted guitar doesnt sound right you might want to try to make it in the same key as the chorus because it soounds a little akward. other than that it sounds good
It's the higher pitch bit isn't it? The one with the descent? I was thinking of a better way to lead to that, fair enough.

I should be uploading a new version with some additional stuff, so I'll bump this topic later.

Any other thoughts?
Okay, I uploaded a new version, with a bit of a verse. Again, opinions would be great.

I'll do C4C btw.
Thanks for the crit on my song man. Anyways, sounds a like a good way to start a song off, however the lead bit still sounds a bit out of key in the beginning.
Wow forsaken i gotta tell u i didnt dig the heavy guitar all that much but the clean guitar is captivating and drew my attention like a cressendo or how ever you spell it... the other one i kill therefore i am... have you heard that the title sometimes makes the song gives it mood i get this angry mood to it man i was singing along with the guitar i like it man! add drums and bass some killer vocals and got urself a score