hey there,
just a new song i'm starting,
i'd like to know what people are thinking,
thanks a ton for any crit!

EDIT: A more complete version is up, still making changes though
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I played a G on the 3rd fret e string and ask:

"What note is this?"

"... Three"

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I like it, kinda sounds abit like rush or dreamtheater that probably isn't what you were going for but thats just my opinion anyway. But yeah sounds good to me, I like it. Wouldn't mind hearing it performed with real instruments.
This is sweet man. I really like the main riff starting at bar 12. Bars 23-24 are really sweet as well (my favorite part of the song). Personally I think 25-26 repeats too many times (2 might be better than 4?). 30-31 is really enjoyable. 34-37 is pretty cool too. Reminds me of a tame version of Iwrestledabearonce mixed with Between the Buried and Me (proggy parts) and The Human Abstract.

I approve!
pretty good man! it'd like to hear the finished version before i make a full crit!
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Bar 34 sounds like Metropolis sooo much.
It's good, gives a very quirky feeling, the last riffs aren't quite as developed so they don't sound as good as the beginning, yet.