I have another week off before i'm back at college and i want to practice my guitar as much as I possibly can. With this I want to possibly have a change in direction in the way I currently sound, and maybe change my soloing so it isn't as obvious as it currently is. If you go to www.myspace.com/dancelasvegas you can hear how I currently solo, and it is all very cliche'd I think. You can hear i'm not a metal guitarist so i'm not interested in a metal style of frantic picking solo's. I'd quite like to be able to solo modally but haven't the foggiest of how to.

I love the lead guitar sounds, phrasings and note choices of Paul Gilbert, Frank Zappa & Steve Vai. I would love to have a sense of their influence within my playing so it isn't as bluesy as it currently is. Could you guys link me to some songs, licks and riffs that might be able to help me out? Or maybe just give me some advice in general?

Thanks alot.

It's really easy to learn some of Paul Gilbert's licks, but don't get too attached to them... They're hard to resist using, because they're so simple.
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