so i just recently got my new blackstart ht dstx pedal, and wow i love it!! but theres something that im not too happy with. the Hum!! i like my amp to be dead quiet,,and when a engage the pedal and put down my guitar volume, my pedal makes my amp hum like crazy...well maybe not that bad, but i just dont like it...can you guys suggest anything i can do to at least reduce the amount of hum coming from my amp? also when my pedal is off theres no hum so i know is the pedal and not a grounding prblem...also i got a ME-70 noise suprsor and i just recently got a mxr smart gate that i havent been able to use yet...Thanks!!
You just have to accept hum with distortion pedals. But that MXR Smart Gate should reduce the hum a lot. And does you guitar have single-coil pickups?
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no i have two emgs on my guitar...but how is it that in some vids on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecpClAISEfY this guy has no hum coming from his amp...how does he do it?

Noise gate? I use the noise gate from my Behringer Multi Effects pedal (not the greatest) but it cancels most the hum i've had from pedals i've tried with it
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im thinking of doing this...run my guitar>blackstart>smartgate>ME-70>amp and use both noise gates the smart gate and the ME-70 one
i wouldnt use them in full,, i would use the smartgate to reduce the noise coming from the blackstar and the ME-70's gate would be low too..it might work ,,,it might not..anyways...so theres really no way around the hum when my dist pedal is engaged? or maybe that hum debugger from electro harmonix? you guys think that would help?
well the blackstar has its own power supply and im powering up my smartgate with a dunlop power supply,,so i know its not the power source thats making it hum...