Im looking to get a tuner pedal to complete my set up. I've seen mention of a good, true bypass tuner pedal that rivals the Pitchblack and TU-2 but is made by a smaller company and sells for about $50USD. But alas, I cannot seem to find it in the search bar or by google. If some one could jog my memory It would be greatly appreciated.
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negative. its not Korg or boss. it looks very similar to the Pitchblack but is wider. I think its model designiation is J(two other letters I cant recall)-1
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Its not planet waves, I just bought one of their pedal tuners and its over $100 and look nothing like a Pitchblack
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Artec has an 8 band eq plus tuner, its true bypass and its only 50 bucks.
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While the artec is cool, its not the pedal I was looking for.

the one Im looking for is definitely not the planet waves, Hardwire, Danelectro or Fender for that matter. I've seen this particular pedal recommended in this very forum before so I know its not a wild goose chase. I just cant remember who makes it.
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