Here's my bands debut EP. It's about the rise and fall and death and decay of a relationship. The link for the music is in my signature. We've only got 3 recorded, and the other 3 are MIDI mockups, so bear with them.

You don't know me..but I know you. I know everything about you. Don't think for a moment that you're anything less than the world to me. It's just a shame that-it's just a shame that you don't feel the same way. Or do you?

Or do you?

And so it begins again
Another sleepless night
I waste watching you sleep
From the refuge of the bushes

Oh it's such a shame
How it always rains
It obstructs my view of your room
So I can't quite see you!

Another week is passed
And I'm starting to think
It may be time for our eyes
to maybe, possibly meet.

I know you don't know me
You'll probably hate me
But let's try anyway
Besides, I can change

I've got to act fast
Quick, before you're just a picture
On another guy's nightstand
Or you're trapped around his arm

I could never let that happen
I could never let that be
Cause all of these emotions
Are trapped inside of me!

Would you like to come with me
And spend a life of misery?
You could never leave
or even breath
I wouldn't have it, I wouldn't have it.

I thought I told you
Find someone else and it will be your last
I'm a man of my word
For now I'll show mercy

I'll teach you a lessson
By breaking his teeth on the curb
I hope you learn alot from this
Learn to never cross me

What went so wrong?
Who's fault is this?
When did it all start cascading down?

A thought flashes through my mind
Do I have the potential
To perform the crime?
Will I be found out
Who's my enemy, prison or time?
I know what I must do
This life is worthless anyway
So I'm going in for the kill
Cause if I don't take your life, who will?

There goes another day
And another stranger at your door
I guess I've got some thinking to do
And houses to burn
Tell me you're sorry
Tell me you don't mean it
Tell me you made a mistake
All so you could claim it fake

All my life I knew it would come to this
One day I'm orchestrating your demise
The next I wish you and I were one
Why can't I ever make up my mind?

I've seen this before
The trees would die
and my will to live
Would just wither away, like all those leaves.

The came a time when I thought
The best for me would be the death of you
All these thoughts strain my mind
Because you're so cute when you're suffocating

So suffocate, suffocate on every breath you take
Suffocate on your reasons
Because you don't deserve another chance
After all, the blood's on your hands.

Maybe we could live forever
Maybe we could die together

This is a war you cannot win
This was all over the day it began
I'll gladly take your wings
If you would just promise not to leave

But you would never compromise yourself
I know you more than you could ever imagine
Think about it this way
For a funeral, it's going to be a beautiful day

Maybe we could live forever
Maybe we would die together
One day you'll realize
This is all your fault
You're standing there
You're looking so naive
Sitting buried in the sand
With blood on your hands

Dead or I'm sleepwalking through these last few weeks
And still, you persist to suffocate
Every last breath of life
From my lungs

Now my last though was of you
Screaming my name
The anguish in your voice
As I collapse in pain

Don't hold your breath for me
Cause I will let you down
Now as I'm losing my voice
No, never found

And if you get there
Don't even bother calling
Cause by the time you read this..

Instill in me your dignity
With pride, you waste another life of possibility
Run the clock down on us now
To see what it reveals
I live in the corner you backed me into

And if you get there
Don't even bother calling
Cause by the time you read this
I'll be gone

And when I said I loved you
I swear to God I lied
Die mother****er
You and your reasons why

Forget the wrath and anger
I never crosseed that line
Am I tearing apart your life
Because You're tearing apart mine

Sleepwalking through these last few weeks, it never ends
And still you persist to suffocate
Every last breath of life from my lungs
Die, die, die

I never crossed that line
Giving in to the wrath and anger
Now won't you see
What I have made for you

Inside I gave you everything
Rely on me until I shatter
Instill in me the peace you found
And so I'm never coming back, until you're gone

I can't save you
I can't save you
But I want to be hopeful
I don't know you, I don't know you

But I can never find the words
To give at all
Never promised you a thing
Never coming back to live again
Never, this is all I had to say
And this is more than tragic now
I know they'll say

Now you lady down on the floor
Your body stains the carpet forever more
I can't remember when I've felt so alive
Even though embedded in my back is your knife

Now I'll have you know
This was all your fault
I can't seem to help it
That you filled my wounds with salt

Well now I know you've gone too far
Your story trickles out like blood
I think maybe I'll stick it out
To find out what else you have done

You tell me about all these memories
You tell me I need help, oh please!
You tell me you want to live for something
So why don't you get off your ****ing knees?

This is no time to rationalize
Your terrible choices in life
I want your complete confession right now
or I'll take you where you least expect it

You tell me about all these memories
You tell me I need help, oh please!
You tell me you want to live for something
So why don't you get off your ****ing knees?

To be pulled apart
To be denied your life
Is your destiny

Now I know, I know
What you're going to say
I know, I know
A foul mouth cursed be it may
I know I deserve all of what
May be your bravest last words
You could never tell me
something I haven't heard
Now I know, I know
What you're going to say
I know, it's alright, it's okay
I just did not expect you to say
"I loved you."