I'm currently using a Peavey Raptor Plus. Now that I'm starting to suck less I want to start upgrading my equipment to some mid-range gear. My price range is up to $750 (and hopefully I can get a hard case within that range).

I've been looking at used Fernandes Ravelle and Ibanez RGT42, and then a new Schecter Hellraiser Custom.

I like the used Ravelle, and it has a good price point, locking straps, a nice hard case, and seymour duncan humbuckers. It feels like a gibson which I don't mind, but I really like the Ibanez wizard necks more.

Although I'm having a hard time finding mid-range Ibanez guitars w/o tremolo systems in store. I'm a bit paranoid about buying a guitar I can't physically play.

I like the Schecter, but it's at the top of my budget.

I think I'd like the guitar offer a coil split/tap so I can achieve thick sounds for playing metal and then smoother sounds when playing bluesy/jazzy stuff. I've played a few Schecters that offer this feature (and the Ibanez RGT42) and I think I'll use it, but I haven't had it so I don't know if I actually will.

Any thoughts, experiences, or opinions? What would you recommend checking out within my price range?
Schecters aren't at the top of your budget, you could get a C-1+ for $600. It has the coil tap, great fret access, two solid humbuckers, and a string thru bridge. That leaves you with $150 for a hard case which is more than enough for a very good one.
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