I was wondering if anyone with any experience selling used guitars could give me some advice.
I've been trying to sell two fairly nice lefthanded guitars (a Tokai Love Rock, and a Yamaha Pacifica 112L) on Craigslist +similar online classifieds websites since April, and have received exactly zero replies. This is, in a word, frustrating.
I was just wondering what kind of a deal I should expect to get for these two guitars, given that they both look about as close to brand new as used guitars ever will, if I sold them to one of the big guitar-store chains, like Long and McQuade, instead of fruitlessly posting the same ad on online classified sites every day.
Well, a store has to make money. If you were to sell it to them they will likely offer you a price that's way below eBay/craigslist value. Maybe if you traded it in on a guitar that they want to sell you might get a somewhat decent price.
Most music shops will admit as much.

But if you're not much a salesman and just want a new guitar, even if you lose an extra few hundred...
Don't do it. Chains will ripp you off big time.

Expect to get less then half of what you are expecting when you sell a guitar/piece of gear to a giant chain like GC or Music Unlimited.

They are f u c k in g w h o r e s.

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maybe try calling asking for a quote, see how low it is before deciding? because if it isn't too low for you, you can sell, and if it is, at least you've checked
I went to a small local shop and asked if I could trade my 6 month old, mint Fernandes, with case, which I paid 850 for, for a guitar that was like 699, and the guy told me the most he would give me is 300-400 because it's not a Fender or Gibson so it doesn't hold its value.

I'd go ebay before selling to a store. But with a couple cheaper guitars like that, it might not be worth your while to do so.

EDIT: and you could always try UG's classifieds forum
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Chain stores and mom and pop stores are only going to give you 60% of what they can sell it for. They will give you a little more (maybe 10% more) if you are going to use it as a trade for new equipment. Your always better off selling a guitar privately or on Ebay but be prepared the market is soft. It's a buyers market right now and it can take time to get your price. You have to realize even on Gibsons and Fenders there is a huge mark up. If you pay $1000.00 on a new Fender or Gibson you'll be lucky to sell it 6 months later for 600 to 700 bucks. Big brand name guitar do depreciate but just not as fast as other brands. It take a long time for them to level out on price and start increasing in value to actually be an investment.

Your in a tougher situation because Tokai is a less heard of brand, and the fact that it's left handed will make the market for it even smaller. Definitely don't go to a chain - you may have more luck advertising on left handed guitar player's forums and here - a more guitar-knowledgable audience would probably benefit you well.