something probably a bit insane but definitely possible, based on devi ever's eye of god pedal - http://www.deviever.com/fx/eyeofgod/index.html

well i want to build a pedal based on this but with the extra feature of a switch to turn on the feedback loop. with the switch off, all the effects in the loop would function normally, and when you step on the switch again it starts feedbacking

this was discussed here and i think someone built one (pictured at bottom of page) - http://www.ilovefuzz.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=5247

so i know how to build a simple expression pedal which works with the photo eye, and i know how to build a true bypass with a feedback loop. how do you combine them to make a pedal which lets you bypass an effects loop (and be able to use all the pedals in it again by turning off the bypass), and engage a feedback loop, and alter the sound with a photo eye? schematics anyone? thanks