Hi there!
I'm looking into buying a new amp, as my Fender 15G practice amp has given up the ghost. I've narrowed it down to buying a Line 6 Spider amp, but after looking around the music shops in my area, I'm not sure which to buy. I'm currently considering:
Spider IV 30w - £160
Spider III 30w - £109
Spider III 75w £180

i'm not really sure which is the best deal, because as far as i can tell, the only difference between the 30w models is the better selector for tones on the Spider IV. Is there much difference in tone? The shop i'm looking at it in only has the Spider IV out to try and I can't therefore try the other two. I thought the 75w was a pretty good deal though.

Cheers in advance
i say save up a little bit more and buy a valve amp like the laney vc30 or valveking the spider amps sound 'too digital' to me
^this, or if you're just looking for a practice amp, I recommend you look at the Fender vibro champ or Peavey Vypr
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Hmm is there anything around £200 that you'd suggest?
I can't really stretch to that at the moment, and I could do with an amp now, mine really is dead.
I urge you to check out Peavey Vypyr's. The same thing as a Spider just executed better.