Hello all!

I've decided to buy the Heavy metal pedal on ebay this weak. I'm interested in getting the classic Scandinavian/Swedish death metal sound (entombed, grave, dismember etc...)

Then i wonder, what amp suits best to achieve that sound? I've been looking into a peavey bandit 112, I will probably try one out tomorrow, though i own a vox ad30vt at the time witch gives a really nice warm tone. Though this will be my first pedal and so i have no experience with them, do you think it could work with the Boss HM-2 and the vox? Or are there any other amps (in that price range) you could suggest.

My axe is an Ibanez Rga 121.
Må Den Svarta Älgen Ta Er!
the basic HM-2 death metal tone is all knobs to 11, so you just need a really loud amp.